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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello Family!! 6/18/2012

Heyo familiares mios.  Y'all are great :)

Now, lets begin. I will start by telling you that this week was SUUUUPER normal in that not a whole ton of exciting stuff happened. Also, we were out of our area more than we were in it haha. So, first off, I'll tell ya about the lessons we taught because that's pretty much all that happened ha ha. I'll give you a quick rundown.  We taught Clemantino this week and it was an EXCELLENT lesson, he is VERY positive, he just isn't in San Antonio a whole ton so that's difficult. He doesn't actually live here right now.  His school got out so he's just here when he has work ha ha. But, we taught him the Restoration and he really really liked it.  As always he had completed his compromises (Including to pray) But he says he's having a hard time getting an answer but that he'll continue praying until he gets one, whether it be positive or negative.  So he's great, we have a meta fecha with him for the 30th of June but we'll see if that happens. I really thing he'll get baptized :)  Also, Pablo.  Still super duper positive.  He's still going to church and enjoying it a lot.  We pretty much put a fecha with him for the 7th of July because he wants time to learn more and undo 26 years of saying no ha ha.  But he's great, he's a great guy :) He told us this week he definitely wants to get baptized so we'll do that for him ;)  

Continuing on, nothing really happened with Johanna this week because she had some problems in the home and didn't want to meet with us and she also didn't come to church but we'll for sure get the fecha this week :) We also met two new people this week.  The son of our Relief Society president, he didn't believe that we could chop wood, so he challenged us.  If we could chop this HUUUUUUGGGEEEEE trunk of Mango wood (Super hard wood) he would accept us in his home.  And we did it.  it took us a while but we did it, me and Caceres.  We were crazy sweaty and tired after and I have a great blister to show for it but we did it ha ha.  So we're going to see him this week ha ha.  Last we found a new family that seems pretty positive.  The family Marroquin.  Only problem is that the husband is only home on Saturday and Sunday because he works in the Capital so we can only go those days. But, they don't go to any church because they don't like how the preachers don't live what they preach. So we explained to them the importance of finding the true DOCTRINE and how to find out, so we'll see what happens :) But they seem pretty positive.  

Now change gossip and the reason for why we were out of the area so much. I am training. Again. Ha ha. They told me on Wednesday night that I would be so, that's cool I guess. They gave me one change to rest and now I'm doing it again ha ha.  So I'll be sure to let y'all know next week about my new kid ha ha.  I'm kinda excited but I also really enjoyed working with someone who had time and knew how to work.  But, we'll be teaching him all the skills and good stuff that he needs to be a super great missionary and he'll always have the stories to tell about being born in Huistas.  (Not a lot of missionaries have the opportunity to come here).  So I'll be training and the district leader of 4 missionaries, we'll see if I'm up to the task ha ha.  Because of that I had to be in Xela on Friday and I got permission to eat lunch with Walter so Caceres and I went there and they brought over Lala and their other neighbor who we were pretty tight with so it was kinda a reunion party with all the favorite people in Esperanza :)  Had a great time ;)  

To finish up, I have a favor.  So I found out last week that an elder in my zone, an Elder Dotson, is Alyssa Calls cousin, the world is super small ha ha. Anyway, having a great time, LOVING my area, LOVING the work and really just enjoying it all :) 

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!  
-Elder Westenskow

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