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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awesome Investigators!! 6/11/2012

Well hellloooo you happy Disneylanding people!  I do have a surprise for you, and that surprise is PICTURES!!  I am in Huehue for an awesome p-day that will include hanging out with Elder Zimmerman and Elder Pigott and going to a super awesome restaurant and all that good stuff.  The best part is, I do it all again next week!  Since my comp is dying I've got to come down so I'm going to chill in Huehue for p-day next week :) So all is well in Zion.

Now, let's answer some questions. First off, how's Disneyland? Great I suppose, it's always great :) I look forward to going with EVERYONE not this Christmas but the next ha ha.  You asked if my shoes are waterproof and I am pleased to report that they are indeed waterproof, the soles sometimes come off but I sew 'em right back on and everything is great again!  

Now, to clear up about changes.  We don't really know all the reasons, but don't worry, I'm not scaring off my comps ha ha.  They just sent Caceres here to die, not really sure why but the excitement is starting to build who will be my next comp.  This is the last week of the change so Caceres will officially go back to Honduras and we'll see who my next victim is ha ha.  

As for me, I too am short of words this week but big on good news!  First off, Pablo! He did not get baptized this week. He decided that after 26 years of out rightly refusing to go to church, he wanted a little more than 2 weeks to take the dive, but he did tell us that he wanted to be baptized!  So not an if as much as a when.  So he's starting to get excited and we're starting to get excited and everything is just falling into place and blessings come from hard work!  Next, Johanna decided to put herself pilas and come to church yesterday!  She was SUUUUUUPER UNpositive when I got here but we taught her a few times and now she's stoked, should be putting the fecha on Thursday!  Carlos, he's a guy that's friends with us and we decided to teach him and it was an EXCELLENT lesson and he seems kinda excited too I'll keep y'all updated on it!  Last, Oscar has brought bad news.  His mom DEFINITELY doesn't want him to be baptized to the point that he asked us to not go back, so we'll see what we do but as for now it seems like a lost cause.  But we do have investigators that are positive and life is great!  My comp isn't baggy so killing him is no problem ha ha.  Also about Edvin, he's told us very frankly that he doesn't want to be baptized, but he will continue being our friend, so he'll keep coming to English class but as for smoking, he's STOPPING!!!  So excited about that, little steps :)

Yesterday was an EXCELLENT Sunday.  The program was done entirely by members!  We assigned speakers, helped them prepare their talks and they gave them! And we have talks assigned until August!  Another thing that we did in branch council.  So we're super stoked about the things happening in the branch and as my first change in San Antonio comes to an end I'm feeling good about the work I've done, the people we've helped and the things that are changing.  It was all EXCELLENT!  

Like I said, not too much exciting stuff happened this week aside from investigators being awesome and members being awesome and really everything just being overall great!  LOVE YOU ALL!! Have fun in Disneyland and buy me something cool!  
-Elder Westenskow

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