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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blessings Are Coming From Hard Work!! 6/25/2012

Hey Family!!!

How's everything going on that end. I hope the Haycock Camp was enjoyed by all and that y'all just had a super great time :)  Welp, let's answer the most pressing question on everyones mind right now.  Who is my new comp?  Welp, I forgot to take pics with him but I'll try to get those as soon as possible.  My comp is an Elder Vega from Ecuador.  (I don't think they speak spanish in Ecuador becuase it is hard as heck to understand this guy but it'll be good) He's 26 and a convert of 1 year.  He's pretty cool, a little tough with him but we'll make it work.  Y'all know how bad I am at describing people so let me know the questions that you've got and I'll answer them next week.  

Branch Activity

Now, to answer questions from the pictures of the other week.  The owl had no signifigance, it's just a members pet ha ha.

And the thing on my tongue is indeed an ant ha ha.

And good news, I found my baptismal tie in a suitcase I hadn't checked ha ha.  So no worries there!

Now, as for us for this week, not a whole ton to report.  We had a conference with Elder Amado on Wednesday so we went from the area on Sunday afternoon and didn't come back til Thursday afternoon. But we do have some excellent news.  First off, we weren't able to meet with Pablo this week because of the crappy not getting back til Thursday but we did talk to him and he does want to get baptized, he just is having a hard time committing to a date. But, this week we're going to commit him and we want to get him the 7th of July.  EXCELLENT!  He has 4 attendances already and he's just doing great.  Also, this week, we managed to get an appointment with a less active that we've been trying really hard to get a cita with.  His name is Elioni and it's taken us a change to get him to give us a cita but his whole family are not members but they're interested so that's great news as well!

Next, the family Marroquin, they are LEGIT!!  They came to church yesterday, the whole family!  And after priesthood the dad asked to talk to us privately and he just sat down and told us "I really like what I see here and I still need to make sure with my wife but she likes it here a lot as well and I just want to know what I have to do to become a member of this church" LEGITTTTTTTTTT BLESSINGS ARE COMING FROM HARD WORK!!!!!!  So that's pretty darn exciting.  

Sorry this is so short, like I said, not a lot of news this week but we only had 3 days in the area this week But I LOVE YOU ALL!! And I'll try to write more next week.  

-Elder Westenskow

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