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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One Week in the CCM Down, 33 Days To Go!

 This place rules, its so much better than the MTC.  Its a lot more laid back and intimate.  Its smaller but there's a lot less people and it actually feels less claustrophobic.  My comp is Elder Wimmer, he's awesome, we work so well together. I'm having a great time.  I'm so psyched to get out in the field (I THINK my date is 8/30 because that was the date for all my peeps back in Provo but I dunno).  I'm psyched to see Nicole but I haven't yet.  We also have Latin comps during meal times and gym and mine is Elder Torres, he's from Nicaragua and he speaks alright English but they're doing an ESL program here where once a day we help our Latin comps learn English because they help us every day learn Spanish.  It's a lot of fun.  I'll make sure to get some pictures with him.  HE GOES THROUGH THE TEMPLE TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!! It's so exciting AND MEAGAN WENT YESTERDAY AND IS MARRIED ON FRIDAY!!!!! I'm so psyched for her, I wish I could be there but I expect lots of pictures (Yard looks great by the way!). 

We're working hard here every day, we teach almost every day and every time we teach I just get more excited to be out in the field and actually teaching people.  I hope the next 33 days go fast.  I'm not sure how my Spanish is, I'll wait til I see Nicole and then I'll let her tell you in an email and then you can tell me, I think its coming well though.  Sometimes I'll just start saying things and not really know whats happening, gift of tongues fo sho. 

I love it here.  Teachers are great, President is great (had an opportunity to meet with him, he's amazing).  My comps are great (Latin and English) and things are going great (aside from occasional cabin fever but what can you do).  Nicole lied, we actually get out of the CCM quite a bit.  We clean up temple grounds on Saturdays, in a couple weeks we get to go to a mall, and a week after that we get to go contacting with out Latin comps, I'm so psyched!!! 

This place is actually nicer than the MTC I think, its smaller and more humble but the rooms and bathrooms are so much nicer (in Provo the showers were cold a lot and infested with flies) but here I haven't had a cold shower and haven't really seen any bugs either.  The food is super good, they try to do a lot of different things (yesterday we had hamburgers for lunch and Chinese for dinner and it actually wasn't bad at all). My stomach has been handling it well too which is great!!!  To everyone reading this that sent me emails I'm sorry I cant respond individually but its so tough when they time you so exactly.  I printed off the picture of Meagan at the temple too, everyone looks so happy and I was so stoked to see Abby and Meagan standing together again, I MISS THAT GIRL!!!  One thing that's bad is that I'm tired all the time and sometimes its hard to study but I'm trying really hard.  I really do just want to get out there!  But I'm having a good time right now and 33 days really isn't all that long.  Its weird to thing that its been almost 10 days since we left the states.  I don't really know what else to write but I know that I'm forgetting things.

The church is true and its an amazing thing and such a blessing in my life.  I can't wait so share it with people who have never heard it before.      

Apparently you can go to and see a picture of everyone here right now.  So check that out, I can't wait to get all of the dearelders that y'all have sent and read what's going on.  I'm also excited to read these emails from everyone.  I don't know what I'm forgetting.  OH Family, you probably won't be getting print letters from me this week, we just don't have as much time to write but I'll try next week.  Dad, I'm especially excited to get your dearelder, rumor has it that they'll come in tomorrow, I hope so.  Have a good week everyone and I'll tell you all of my adventures next week.  (Dad, you wanted me to share from my journal but the truth is that its pretty lame, we pretty much do the same thing everyday here so when I get out in the field and have different things happening I'll share but its pretty much just class, work, teach, and eat here.  LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH GUATEMALA RULESSSSS!!!!!

-Elder Westenskow

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