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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Can't Believe I've Been Here Three Weeks!!!

So we are emailing today, I have no idea why but I hope that well be able to just check tomorrow for emails and print them so please still send one.

Lets see, cool experiences from this week.  We went to talk to people on the temple grounds on Saturday to practice Spanish and of course, the first guy that we talk to isn't a member lol.  So we just talked to him a bit and bore our testimonies, gave him a BOM (well, Wimmer gave him his triple because we didn't have a BOM, silly kid) and committed him to read 3 Nephi 11 and then meet with the missionaries (we got his info so they can find him).  His name was Marco and it was IMPOSSIBLE to understand him.  But it was really cool.  Also, just going to the temple is super rad, I love it so much, going on Wednesdays is like the best part of my week. 

I CANT BELIEVE I'VE BEEN HERE 3 WEEKS!!!  Nicole was crazy, the time here flies by!  I've only got 21 days til I get to the field and I couldn't be more excited.  It's going to be so stellar.  The group that came before us and the Latinos left today and I wanted to go with them.  But this place is like empty now, its kind of crazy.  I'm so stoked to get new missionaries tomorrow though!   I can't wait to see their faces when they get off the bus, it's going to be stellar!  ALSO I SEE NICOLE IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!!  I cannot wait even a little bit I'm so excited! 

We went to the market and the mall today.  The market was so awesome, I took a video of us just walking through to hopefully give a little bit of an impression of what its like.  I dunno when you're going to see it but I'm excited for you to nonetheless.  I've been taking a few videos while I still can actually so I might need a new memory card soon.  Idk if you've sent that package but if you haven't I have a request if you can make it happen.  More music please, movie scores are best (LOTR, Home Alone, whatever works really)    Back to the mall/market.  We walked around and bought some stuff, I bought a bag that's really cool, a poncho hoodie thing, and a soccer jersey (no I don't like soccer all of the sudden, they were just mega cheap and cool looking).  Then we went to the mall, I had McDonalds and Dominos and a coke (they had no MTN Dew.)  It was really really fun but it also felt kinda wrong, I knew that we were allowed to since we were there with leaders and whatnot but it felt weird being around a bunch of people and not talking to them.  I felt like a tourist a little and that was really really weird.  But it really was a lot of fun, I spent like 50 dollars all together but it was cool, I'm not going to have a whole ton of opportunities to just go shopping like that so I kinda went all out. 

I'm kinda running out of time, I don't know what happened, the schedule is really messed up and we got hardly any time for emailing so I'll have to cut this one off now, sorry about that.  I love you all and I love getting all of the Dearelders, tell Meagan to write me, I need to hear from her!  Dad, I don't know if you got my letter yet but there's one in the mail for you and another will be coming this week.  I love you all and cant wait to get mail on Thursday!  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
-Elder Westenskow

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