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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Monday, July 18, 2011

Today is Going to Be a Good Day!

Hey familia! 
How is everyone doing today?  Good I hope.  You all have no idea how much I enjoy hearing from all of you every day and some of you a couple times a week.  First, on the issue of Dearelders.    Keep sending them every day you everydayers.  I’ll get them in pouch time and have a whole bunch at once.  I’ll read a few a day to make the illusion that I’m getting mail every day, it’s a perfect system!  For this to work, however, you all will need to do one thing for me.  At the top of the Dearelder, please put your name and the date you are sending it.  That way I can quickly open them, order them, and figure out when to read each one.  I hope that system makes sense to everyone out there, if not, talk to my Mom, I’m sure she understands. 

So, this week has been good, really good!  I can’t believe that it’s already Pday again, I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday.  Again, everyone who wrote me can expect an answer once again, some novels, some shorter.  I’ve already written 3 today one of which was a 4 pager (front and back) to dad so get excited for that Steve-o!  I put it in the mail so hopefully it will get to you by tomorrow and you might be able to get a reply out before I leave (but that all depends on if you’re even in town to get the letter tomorrow which I don’t know if you will be so, yeah.)  I told dad this but I’ve been trying out this positive thinking routine every day.  I wake up and I say to myself “today is going to be a good day” and I just keep that thought in my head.  I’ve had downer moments but never a bad day and the downer moments are far and few between now.  I still think about home and how much I want to see you guys and I still can’t wait to be done with these 2 years and be back home but I’m also anxious to have all of the experiences of a missionary.  I really, really wanna get out in the field.  I have a feeling the 6 weeks I have left will kind of kill me but I’m going to try my hardest to endure it and get as many blessings as I can.  I think the biggest problem I’ve been having is boredom.  We’re always doing stuff and I know I’m improving and learning but it’s the same thing every single day which bothers me more than you’d think it would.  That’s partly why I’m so excited for the CCM, new scenery, new schedule. I hope that I can use my time well in the CCM so I can be better prepared to serve.   

The Spanish is still coming good for me, I learn new things every day!  The days go kinda slow in the minute but like I said, this week has flown by!  I hope that time continues to go fast for the next 2 years.  Oh mom, since you’re dying to know, Elder Herman is an elder in our district.  He, Elder Cavanaugh, and I have kinda become really good friends really fast, I’m going to miss those guys.  You’ll see them in the pictures I mailed yesterday (I’ll send my SD card on Tuesday before I leave just in case I take more pictures and also there’s some videos on there y’all might enjoy.  (just us doing dumb elder things as Nicole would say).  We have a lot of improv percussion jams in our district and there’s a couple of those on there.  Like I said, not a whole lot to report on.  We have our 2 progressing investigators (Laura and Eliseo) both played by our teachers that we’re teaching.  It’s kinda hard for me to get really invested in them though just because we’re leaving so soon.  I dunno, it’s hard to explain.  I’m kinda growing detached from here knowing that I’m leaving so soon, I’ll miss the people but not this place.  It does have a fantastic spirit and I’m learning so much every day but I’m so ready to be done with it.  Haven’t even spotted any general authorities.  Oh well, I haven't seen Caleb either although I’ve kept an eye out for him.  They keep a lot of the foreign speaking missionaries on one schedule and the English speaking on another so I fear it’ll be unlikely that our paths will cross.  He’ll do great though!  I know he will. 
I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ a lot lately, I’m about 200 pages in and as soon as y’all finish Our Search for Happiness you should read JTC
Mostly I'm very excited to get to the CCM and improve my Spanish, I can't wait to talk to all of you and the church is true!  La iglesia es verdad!  Les quiero mucho!!!  Also, everybody should read Peach My Gospel, missionary or not, it's amazing.  The tips on recognizing the spirit (chapter 4) are SOOOOOOOOO good!  Also read the entire Missionary Library.
-Elder Westenskow

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