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The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Psalms 46:10-11

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"I Will Make an Instrument of Thee" 3/11/2013

Alma 17:11

So I'll advise you up front, I fear this email may be a little short ha ha, I don't have much to share :) But first I'll answer your questions about the Guate trip. If we're going to have 10 days I would assume that it would be like 5 days in cada mission, is that right? So as of right now, and if I don't have another area before I die, I think like 2 days in Xela, 2 days in Huistas and 1 day in Quiche would be good, the only thing would be like, Quiche has to be a Thursday and in Huistas we have to be there on a Sunday, if that's at all possible (the Quiche one is necessary because that's market day) so yeah. As for the new mission, the boundries still haven't been told so I have no idea what boundaries it will affect but it shouldn't change my release date. Don't worry, I'll be home eventually ;)
Now my week, was another trying one. We're on kind of a negative streak but we're not getting discouraged. We have tried about a million different ideas to find new investigators and with very little success. We had a ward activity (super well planned and the members really enjoyed it, just didn't bring anyone) and a bunch of other stuff but yeah.  

Also, we couldn't get with Adriana this week but she came to church so we're definitely going to be putting a fecha with her this week, hoping she accepts :) Also we have a cool new, the dad of one of our members. He's read a lot about the church and came to the activity on Saturday and to church on Sunday and stayed all 3 hours, so we're really excited there!  ALSO I HAVE GRANDKIDS! 2 OF EM!  That's one of the pictures, my generations! Both my kids are training right now, how cool! 
Proud Papa/Grandpa
The other picture is a scripture that I found this morning that I had never really read in this way, we need to be examples in times of negative things, we need to keep our heads up. We need to show forth examples not just to the "lamanites" (non-members I'll put that) but to the "Nephites" as well. Members and in my case missionaries, they need to see that we keep working in spite of difficulties and like Ammon later on in the same chapter when "our sheep get scattered" (to say it that way) when we have difficulties that we don't just start crying about how we're going to get slain but we get up and go get the flocks and then chop off some arms. So to speak of course :)  
I LOVE YOU ALL A TON! Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Westenskow

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